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Search Stanford lists with ease

In 2019, Ioannidis and his coworkers established what is now known as the “Stanford list of the top 2% most influential scientists”. This list, derived from an analysis of standardized citation metrics across all scientists and scientific disciplines, includes approximately 200,000 scientists in its latest version. Each year, around October, two versions are released: one recognizing the most influential scientists throughout their careers and the other highlighting those most influential in the most recent year, with data current as of September 1.

The lists are provided in extensive Excel tables and are publicly available at this link. However, navigating through these large Excel tables can be impractical. To address this, we have developed an online application that facilitates a more pleasant experience in searching through this data.

If you are interested in a customized version of this application for your university, faculty, institute, or research group’s website, please feel free to reach out.